Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gaplant WIP 1

The two GMs have been built and the command type has surprisingly good legs. I've revised the diorama and decided to add a Gaplant. I bought it at Imperial Hobby this weekend while I was putting my Zaku III in the display case. I was surprised with a huge crowd of people and giant signs that said "25th Anniversary". Surely enough, there was a 25% off everything sale so I decided to get something I've been thinking about for a while. Thus I revised my diorama plans with this kit.

Notice the configuration with the right binder? It's gonna be super-deliciously modded into a double barrel rifle. I got inspiration from seeing pictures of the Gaplant Elisia Custom. I've yet to think about what to put on the left binder however.

Legs extended with pla-plates and in the process of filling the gaps with Tamiya Quick-Type Putty.

Picked up some nano magnets from Excel Hobby while I was in Japan. These things are awesomely magnetic, it's too bad I only bought one pack. Anyone know an online store that sells them? Anyways, I sanded out the circular part in the middle of the piece. It was originally a female part for snap-fitting. I got some CA Tamiya cement to use on it.

Yeah, the cement works well when sticking plastic with other stuff, but it's really nasty. The white stuff is caused by the cement doing "something" to it. I got some on my fingers and the parts where the cement touched are solid right now.

The other piece that the magnets will connect together. This one had to be sanded as well.

Ok, this mod gave me a huge headache. I had to cut and separate the two skirt pieces because they wouldn't gotten in the way of the magnet. Then I drilled holes in each of them and cemented in a piece of wire to keep them from falling out. Finally I sanded the piece they were going into to give the wires space to move and allow the skirt armour to swivel.

The "dick piece" as I like to call it. I drilled out the middle and then proceeded to file them as flat as I could. They're still not perfectly straight, but I don't think I can make them any straighter. After clearing out the inside I cemented the pla-plate into the piece and closed the other half.


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