Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I`m in Japan

So I`ve been in Sapporo, Japan for 3 weeks and I haven`t been able to get on the internet to post anything here. This post will be the first a series for my life in Japan. I`m currently writing this from my school as I have only limited internet access at home. I came here as an exchange student to experience more of Japanese culture and to test out how fluent I am at Japanese.  It turns out that I can carry on a pretty bad conversation for a few minutes at least without having to resort to using a dictionary. I came through an exchange company called "AFS" and I`ll be staying until August 3rd so don`t expect any gunpla posts except maybe a few prebuilds of models that I may buy here. I`m currently living with a host family with a noisy host brother and I`ve been attending a private school here called "Ritsumeikan Keisho" junior and senior highschool. I"ll write a more detailed post on the school later. Since I`ve finally learned how to use the school computers here after a week, please expect more posts in the coming weeks.


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