Thursday, July 28, 2011

Host Changes

I just got my third host change. As an exchange student I have to live under someone else`s roof. These people are completely volunteering to pay for my transport and food expenses. Sometimes I don`t get along with them and that causes me to have to move. Quite frankly I`ve tried to get along with them as best I could.

My first host parents were ok, though they had a son who partied, smoked and brought his girlfriend all the time to do the do. They dad was never around and I could never get any sleep. As a result, I found myself sleeping in class all the time and my teacher`s got pretty pissed. The host father went down to Sendai in order to organize water filtration so the mom got pretty stressed. There were my host nephews who were pretty fun to hang around. They were 11 and 13 years old. The day before we left, we had a dinner on a yacht styled like a traditional Japanese tatami courtroom.

Second host parents were kinda weird. The dad was always chill, though I would only see him at night for a few hours. The mom however is slightly insane. She was a clean freak who enforced very strict rules on me. Apparently, she has a reputation among the host parents as the other exchange students told me that their host parents knew about her. She appeared pretty nice and even a bit childish at first, but soon enough she showed her real self. I`m wondering if she has a split personality or something as she will be super nice one moment and then pure evil the next.
I broke one too many a rule and she proceeded to swiftly kick me out.

My current and hopefully last host family are pretty amazing. The dad used to work at the Hokkaido Television Broadcasting company, though he retired this year. Right now he`s a volunteer organizer for the Sapporo branch of AFS, my exchange company. He and I share dirty jokes all the time and the mom teaches me how to pick up girls.

All in all, I`ve moved from the suburbs to a downtown area and finally I`m up in the mountain outskirts of Sapporo. Currently, I`m writing this from my host father`s laptop as they don`t know the network password so I can`t use my own computer. Later today is the Toyohira River Fireworks Competition and I`ll be going in a yukata(summer kimono). I`ll be going home next week so I will be able to upload photos and the two people who actually read this blog can see my girly face.


  1. lol girly face

    Seems like being an exchange student can be troublesome...
    Anyway good luck がんばれ!

  2. @GodzillaRadio

    Thanks for the comment! ^__^

    It was an overall fun experience besides having to deal with a few uncooperative people.