Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Zaku III WIP 1

It's been a while since my last post and I've been working on the Zaku III quite a bit. No real reason for not posting, just didn't think I had enough things to mention. Now I've built up a bunch of pictures and thought it was finally time to show them. This is what it currently looks like, notice the changes? The rifle is from Kotobuikya. I also replaced the hideous stock hands which I'll get pictures for in a later post.

Placed a piece of pla-plate to hold the putty I'll later fill it with.

Filled and sanded.
Removed the original three thrusters in the crotch area and replaced them with my own larger one. Skirt armour also filled though hard to see in this picture.

Modding the chest piece to be bigger.

These thrusters originally went on the skirt armour, but I've modified the "teeth" so that they will now go on the leg armour. These ones are different in that they stick out more towards the sides than the original ones.

*sigh* One of my worst habits is that I regularly spill my Tamiya cement and this was the result. I only just noticed when the entire Zaku III instructions booklet was covered in it. The cement also peeled off my cutting board's measuring surface. What a waste, anyways a late Happy Newyears to that single person who reads this blog.


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