Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vanpla OOTB Gundam Contest

Now that the competition is over, here are some photos for you guys to snack on. Even though I didn't win, I learned a lot from this experience. Vanpla's first competition and we managed to round up around 30 participants. Now too shabby. >: )

Second Place by a friend of mine.

Third place


Friend made this, he was gonna make it a diorama and add bird poop! XD

Another one made by a friend. My Bawoo is in the background, still on skewers.

It seems like it's a requirement to have a Z'Gok in Vancouver contests.

Something made by one of our judges(and my sensei) many moons ago.

Another one by sensei, made without any paint.

First place winner: the dude didn't even show up due to work.

Entered by one of our judges under the name "Quattro Bageena"

Made by the same friend who made the red Jesta.

My own entry.

The winners accept their prizes.

The after party:

The after after party:

Nick with his huge Taro Slush.

Sensei teaching me more about modelling and how I should go about building up experience.


I got to keep the poster as an active reminder of my failure. ^_^;
My poster wall is growing steadily.


  1. It's not a requirement to have a Z'Gok at at a Vancouver event, it's a must!! Just wait until the IPMS Fall Show..... there is going to be an appearance made by an amazing MG Z'Gok.