Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gaplant Dio Update and Bawoo Pre-Build

Sorry for the long hiatus to those who actually read this blog. These last few semesters are gonna be tough as I'm trying to get through graduating high school. A bunch of problems with me not passing certain courses. Hopefully I'll be able to settle everything by the end of June, so please anticipate more posts after that.
The above photo is how the Gaplant dio currently looks. I've added texture paint to the surface of the base, but I still need to even it out with a smaller brush. Once I can scrounge out enough time, it'll be painted.

Among other things, I've also started working on an OOTB build for an HGUC Bawoo. It won't be anything particularly special, just a small project for me to actually finish.

I've got to say that this kit is wonderfully made and that the transformation gimmick does nothing to hold back the articulation of this model. All the parts work together solidly and nothing bad can be pointed out.

Some mods I did to the parts in order to easily disassemble and reassemble parts for painting. The yellow commander fin was just clipped. The grey part at the bottom however was extremely risky as it's a joint piece and took a lot of careful drilling in order to do.


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