Monday, March 14, 2011

Zaku III WIP 3

Almost finished the Zaku III, but the arms and head still need to be properly attached after what I did to them. Most of the lower body as been completed and are waiting to be painted. I have 17 days left to finish this project and submit it to the Vanpla Zaku Competition. Pictures of the finished project can be expected later on this month.

Covered the shield with Tamiya basic putty to give it the same texture as the left shoulder.

Filled the arm with a piece of sheet styrene. It will be sanded off and I'll try to attach some more things to this arm to make it bulkier if I can get enough time to fit it in.

Sanded off the epoxy from earlier and filled the inside of the helmet with epoxy.

Sanded the top of the foot flat, but it left unexpected holes that have been filled in.

The leg armour has been filled and sanded properly.

The kneecaps have also been given the texture treatment.

The skirt armour has been attached back with the hip joints and been textured.

The core has been widened and has a more pronounced chest. The arm joints were lopped off in order to attach the styrene sheets. They will be reattached later.

A rod has been placed inside to add stability.


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