Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dirfinge Prebuild

This is the 1/60 Dirfinge by Kotobukiya. It's the first Koto kit I've thus far made and may be the only one I ever make. The model was pretty simple to build, this model is part of Kotobukiya's line of kits with full frames called frame arms. The frame is made up of abs plastic otherwise known as indestructible plastic. The frame isn't too solid since it uses polycaps for every joint, abs + pe = bad joints. The actual armour parts that make it actually look like the mecha it's portraying is connected through small plugs in the frame. Pros to this are the armor parts are separated into sub assemblies for easy painting. Cons are that the armour parts tend to fall off very frequently. I don't have many ideas on what to do with this kit due to the frame limiting my options. I'll most likely won't be doing mods on this and just focus on painting and weathering.


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